Naper Settlement


Naper Settlement is a historical museum located in the heart of Downtown Naperville, IL that most the city residents don’t know about. The branding was very dated, the website was not mobile friendly, and most of the collateral materials were outsourced and maintained by an internal graphic designer. Several special events throughout the year are the biggest yearly draw for the institution.

The task was to update the marketing materials, design a better online experience, and create a more dynamic and memorable visitor experience.


To update the visuals, I reviewed the demographics and researched the competition. I have since lead all the redesign efforts for all events and collateral materials. I played an integral part in updating the website for a better mobile friendly user experience. I educated the internal clients about user experience and used web data to validate the new site map.


New website launches in 2019. Cohesive branding for all events. Updated production pipelines internally to eliminate the need for outsourcing for collateral materials. Cultivated relationships with old and new vendors to reduce printing costs and improve quality. Managed the yearly budget of $200,000.